Job post

Chief Clerk/Chief Operations Officer

Cumberland County
Salary Range: 

Chief Clerk/Chief Operations Officer $131,313 annually (minimum starting salary) 

OVERALL OBJECTIVE OF JOB: To manage the day-today operations of the County within the guidelines of the policies and procedures established by the County Code and the Board of Commissioners.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF JOB: 1. Assists Commissioners with the establishment and management of County programs, policies and procedures. 2. Directs the management of County programs and assures that policies, procedures and regulations are implemented and enforced. 3. Directly supervises the senior management staff that is responsible to implement County programs, policies, and procedures. 4. Studies and analyzes administrative operations and problems, prepares comprehensive reports of findings and makes recommendations to Commissioners regarding changes, adjustments or other necessary and required information. 5. Collects, interprets, analyzes and summarizes information to be used as a basis for the executive actions of the Commissioners.

Additional details for this position are listed on Cumberland County’s website. If interested in applying, apply online at

EDUCATION/TRAINING: 1. Bachelor’s degree required; MBA/MA preferred or equivalent management experience.

WORK EXPERIENCE: 1. Public and/or private sector senior management (C-level) experience. 2. At least ten years of management experience.