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The Cradle to Crayons (C2C) Clinical Services Program was developed in 2012 as an integrated program with multiple services designed to support families with children birth to three who are involved with the court in dependency cases and with the Child Welfare System. This program addresses the mental health, trauma, parent-child contact and resource needs of families involved with the court. There are five service components within C2C Clinical Services: Parent-child relationship based therapy (utilizing Child-Parent Psychotherapy), Family Time Coaching, individual trauma therapy for the parent, resource coordination and the Bridge service. This comprehensive approach surrounds the family in services to address the needs of maltreated children, assists to resolve trauma, strengthens the parents’ protective capacities and develops or increases the secure attachment relationship for infants and toddlers. The C2C Clinical Services program has a family reunification focus and works to heal and support the whole family toward the permanency goal of Family Reunification. The C2C Clinical Services program has shown success in an increased rate of families who have a permanency of family reunification.


Ms. Karin Philips 
Collaboration Director, Juvenile Court