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Public Technology Institute new partner with NACo, NLC

PTI Executive Director Alan Shark and NACo Executive Director Matt Chase

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Mix of policy, technology help leaders, managers bridge gaps for PTI-NACo/NLC alliance

A new partnership with the Public Technology Institute (PTI) will bolster the ability of NACo and the National League of Cities (NLC) to support public sector leaders in addressing pressing technology issues. The alliance will also provide additional technology expertise at NACo and NLC events throughout the year.

With the new partnership, NACo will house PTI’s personnel and assume its administrative operations at its North Capitol Street headquarters. PTI will provide mutual program support to NACo in developing cutting-edge technology resources for America’s city and county governments.

“Given the technology opportunities and challenges facing county government — from big data and data-driven decision-making to cybersecurity and digital communications — we’re confident that working with PTI will help position America’s counties to build healthier, safer and smarter communities,” said Matthew Chase, NACo executive director.

“From the beginning, PTI has provided city governments with technology solutions that address local challenges and help them better serve their residents. We look forward to continuing to work together to educate and inform local officials on the technology issues that impact their communities,” said NLC CEO and Executive Director Clarence E. Anthony.

Said PTI CEO and Executive Director Alan Shark, “We couldn’t be more pleased as we navigate the many exciting and collective opportunities moving forward. Today, more than ever, policy and technology are intertwined, and we need to work harder at bridging any gaps that may exist between elected leaders and public managers, as well as technology executives and practitioners.”

Established in 1971 by the several major national associations representing state and local governments, PTI is the advocate and resource for early adopters and thought leaders who have a passion for the furtherance and wise deployment of technology.   

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