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NOBCO fosters high hopes in 2017

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Late last fall, the National Organization of Black County Officials, or NOBCO, began operations in its new office, co-located with the National Association of Counties, and on Dec. 1 — World AIDS Day — recognized the day by sharing red ribbons with NACo staff throughout the office. 

World AIDS Day is an important day of recognition, and a growing number of institutions set aside time to bring awareness to people about the continuing spread of the HIV and AIDS virus. There are events held throughout the world to honor survivors living with HIV, while bringing public attention to people on useful ways to avoid being infected. 

NOBCO is looking forward to further partnering with NACo, in our efforts to spread crucial health information to the people who have the ability to effect change. 

The National HIV Strategy Report ends with a three-step process to thwart HIV/AIDS through the year 2020. The first step is to reduce HIV-related disparities in communities at high risk for HIV infection. These communities include a disproportional number of African Americans and poor people. The second step is to adopt structural approaches to reduce HIV infections and improve health outcomes in high-risk communities. 

The third and final step is to reduce stigma and eliminate discrimination associated with HIV status. NOBCO disseminates information about prevention and testing in order to make clear that this is a cause impacting all communities and affects many diverse groups of people. 

For more information, visit NOBCO’s Facebook page — National Organization of Black County Officials, Inc. — and the association’s new website at, or follow NOBCO on Twitter at @NOBCOINC and Instagram at “NOBCO1982.” 

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