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NACo President Riki Hokama, Councilmember, Maui County, Hawaii​​​​​​​

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Counties play an essential role in America’s transportation and infrastructure networks.  Investing over $100 billion each year in roads, bridges, transit, water systems and other public facilities, counties facilitate everything from Americans’ daily commutes to the shipping of goods around the globe.  Counties are responsible for building and maintaining 45 percent of public roads and nearly 40 percent of bridges, and are involved in the operations of a third of the nation’s transit systems and airports that connect residents, communities and businesses.  The decisions that county leaders make every day about transportation, infrastructure, land use and economic development policies and investments influence local and national economic opportunities, shape how communities grow and change and contribute to Americans’ quality of life.

Under the leadership of NACo President Riki Hokama (Councilmember, Maui County, Hawaii), NACo is strengthening the capacity of county leaders to deliver transportation and infrastructure services to their communities.  The Transportation and Infrastructure Initiative will address the county role in promoting investments that support economic competitiveness, improve passenger travel, foster creative partnerships, ensure safety, and enhance community quality of life.  This initiative will focus on the fundamentals of today's county transportation and infrastructure needs as well as explore the future of America's infrastructure advancements, including broadband expansion and technology innovations.

Within the Transportation and Infrastructure Initiative, NACo will convene public- and private-sector stakeholders, produce special reports, develop webinars and podcasts, facilitate peer learning and host symposiums, workshops and roundtable events.

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America’s county leaders make important decisions every day about transportation, land use and economic development policies and investments that influence regional and local economic opportunities, shape how communities grow and change and contribute to the quality of life and well-being​​ of Americans.  During NACo’s Symp​osium on America’s County Transportation & Infrastructure, county leaders will explore noteworthy practices from around the nation and hear from ​experts in the field.  The event will highlight trends in global freight movement, innovative transportation and infrastructure financing, multi-modal solutions and safety improvements, and offer county leaders the opportunity to bring innovative approaches to transportation and infrastructure challenges back to their communities.

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Capital Investments: Counties Drive Economic Growth with Transportation & Infrastructure​​

America’s counties play an essential role in developing transport​ation and infrastructure networks. This report describes how six counties in the U.S. are investing in transportation and infrastructure projects to drive economic growth.

Contact: Kathy Nothstine

December 2014