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NACo's Premier Corporate Membership Program is about exchanging information, and providing up-to-date news on activities and innovations.  Below you will find upcoming events hosted by NACo or NACo's Premier Members, a variety of news updates​.

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ENGAGE. RESET. INNOVATE: Esri Hosts the Second Annual Public Sector CIO Forum

Written by Yael Lazarus​, CSI Project Coordinator.

Esri, the international GIS company, is hosting its second annual Public Sector CIO Forum at their headquarters in Redlands, California March 25-26, 2015. At the event, public sector CIO’s from around the country will gather to learn new strategies for developing and utilizing cutting edge technology.

Attendees will learn about the latest advances in GIS technology that are helping governments innovate from within. Participants will hear from other government leaders who are using GIS technology to drive change, industry leaders creating the latest solutions, analysts, Esri strategists and peers in the information systems profession on ways to leverage the Esri GIS platform.

At the Public Sector CIO Summit attendees will see that with in-house resource...

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7 months ago

NACo Corporate Partners Share Their Solutions for County Government

​Written by Coleman Davis, NACo Innovation Coordinator.

NACo’s Premier Corporate Membership Program offers a very special opportunity for county leaders and private sector innovators to work together in improving the services provided by counties, and creating solutions to make the county budget stretch farther.
  The program is about building relationships based on an understanding of county issues, priorities, and the importance of timeliness.

NACo is excited to launch a completely revamped resource center on the NACo website focused on corporate innovations and solutions.  The purpose of these pages is to provide quick access to a number of resources, white papers, and case studies about the many solutions and innovations for county government developed by NACo Corporate Premier Members.  The Corporate White Papers and Case Studiesdata...

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16 months ago

Is it Possible to Bend the Healthcare Cost Trend? Harris County, Texas Proves It’s Possible

​Written by Lauren Csukardi, Aetna Public Sector business.
Harris County, TX, the third most populous county in the U.S., was experiencing double digit annual medical trend increases resulting in an increase in medical costs. As their retiree health costs were also rising, so were demands for better plan options. The county needed a new direction to bend the healthcare cost trend.

In 2005, the county partnered with their health care company, Aetna, to develop and introduce innovative solutions to curb the trend and improve health outcomes.  As a result, Harris County went from experiencing a 15.1% medical trend in 2006 to a record low -1.0% trend...

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18 months ago

Counties Use Mapping to Complete the Picture

ESRI Map.jpg
Policymakers around the country understand  we are facing a health epidemic like never before.  Our children are noted to be the unhealthiest generation in U.S. history and for the first time expected  not to live a life as long as their parents.  That statement is unconscionable and health professionals at every level of government and throughout our communities are diligently working to reverse the tide.

Organizations are collaborating, sharing, and using data to change health policy in their communities.  There is a lot of information out there in the form of graphs, spreadsheets, and statistics.  But without a geographical reference, the picture is incomplete.  GIS...

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2 years ago