NACo's Large Urban County Caucus elected leaders not only play a significant role in national policy because they represent nearly one in every two Americans, but also because of the broad range of services they must provide to their citizens. Therefore, LUCC's goal is to provide useful information to its 1,000 elected members as they search for pragmatic solutions to the challenges facing the nation's 100 largest urban counties.

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​​NACo's Rural Action Caucus is a key component of NACo.  RAC is the voice for America's rural counties before Congress and the Administration.  Nearly two-thirds of the nation's 3,069 counties are designated as rural, with a combined population of 60 million.  County elected officials from these rural areas are dedicated to solving many critical issues impacting rural life and development.  These include infrastructure development, broadband deployment, development of new rural clinics and hospitals, road and bridge construction and maintenance, business development opportunities and many more county responsibilities. 

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 Community and Economic Development


​​NACo's Community and Economic Development practice area supports county leaders seeking to develop and implement creative, innovative, locally driven strategies that will foster economic growth and ensure long-term county resiliency. Within this practice area, NACo convenes public- and private-sector stakeholders, produces special reports, develops webinars and podcasts, facilitates peer learning and hosts workshops and roundtable events.

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 Cyber for Counties


​NACo's Cyber for Counties​ tackles the critical issue of county cyber security.  As county computer networks become increasingly subject to hacker attacks, NACo Immediate Past President Chris Rodgers identified cyber security as a major initiative in his term. He appointed a task force to educate NACo member counties about the scope of the problem and provide them with resources, information and programming to address the emerging threat..

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 Healthy Counties

NACo’s Healthy Counties Initiative aims to enhance public/private partnerships in local health del​​ivery, improve individual and community health, and assist counties to effectively implement federal health reform. The initiative engages county of­ficials and private sector partners across the country.​

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 Resilient Counties


NACo’s Resilient Counties provides comprehensive resources for local governments on all things green—including energy, air quality, transportation, water quality, land use, purchasing and recycling. GGI serves as a catalyst between local governments and the private sector to facilitate green government best practices, products and policies that result in financial and environmental savings.

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 Smart Justice

NACo's Smart Justice practice area provides technical assistance to counties through educational programming on a range of issues addressing local corrections systems from pre-trial services to local re-entry initiatives. These programs are dedicated to assisting counties with exploring opportunities for efficient and effective use of public dollars.

Smart Justice


 Transportation and Infrastructure

​NACo's Transportation and Infrastructure Initiative will address the county role in promoting investments that support economic competitiveness, improve passenger travel, foster creative partnerships, ensure safety, and enhance community quality of life.  This initiative will focus on the fundamentals of today's county transportation and infrastructure needs as well as explore the future of America's infrastructure advancements, including broadband expansion and technology innovations.

Within the Transportation and Infrastructure Initiative, NACo will convene public- and private-sector stakeholders, produce special reports, develop webinars and podcasts, facilitate peer learning and host symposiums, workshops and roundtable events.​

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